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With a population of more than 675,000 in 2017, (and more than 4 million people in the greater Boston area), it's almost no surprise that venues are jam-packed, and that wait-times exceed 90 minutes on popular nights.  Sure, a line out the door signifies popularity, but  when the line seems like it doesn't move (especially in the hot summer weather), guests get frustrated and leave. Not only will  you lose their business that night, you've given them a bad experience to write home about, and you run the risk that they may not return. Sometimes,  you can't let everyone into your venue, but you can show guests that you value their time as much as you value their business.  


Providing excellent customer service that leads to repeat business is the key to driving sales in the hospitality industry. This is why we designed WAITN to make your guests' lives easier. When the guest doesn't have to stand in line, and the guest instead receives all the information they need regarding their wait in one convenient easy-to-understand landing page, the guest feels appreciated and will return. 

When a new walk-in customer arrives at your business, your staff can add this customer to the waitlist using the  WAITN APP dashboard. The customer receives an SMS message confirming their addition to the waitlist, and a link to allow them to view their spot in line. When you're ready for their business, your staff can send a page to the customer instructing them to return to a specified location. Unlike other solutions, there is no app for your customers to download, so your visitors will find it extremely convenient and easy to use.


Customers want to feel welcome and appreciated. Show them that you value their time by giving them the opportunity to go anywhere, and return when you're ready for them.  Learn more.


With everything in one place, your staff will be impressed at how quick they can add, page, and check-in guests. All versions include a free digital guest counter to monitor your venue's capacity.


Boston has a number of unique challenges that retail operators must face, including occupancy regulations developed by the city licensing board, and enforced by the police and fire departments. Although there is no substitute for well-trained efficient staff, putting WAITN in the hands of bouncers, security, and hosts, gives personnel a tool that simplifies the process of crowd management by keeping your walk-in customers organized and happy.

That's why, in addition to a waitlist solution, WAITN also offers an easy to use people counter tool that security staff love to use. With WAITN, hosts, bouncers, or other crowd control staff can monitor or update the occupancy of your venue right from their mobile device.

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