ABOUT US – WAIT'N | Waitlist & Crowd Counting App for Bars, Nightclubs and Restaurants


Established in Cambridge, MA during the summer of 2017, WAIT'N was designed with the bar, restaurant and nightclub industry in mind--establishments that usually don't take reservations, operate at capacity, and usually have queue lines on busy nights. More than just a waitlist app, WAIT'N combines crowd counting technology with waitlist management features. We're constantly researching local fire-code and licensing requirements in order to innovate features that make crowd management and crowd counting more efficient and less risky. We integrate with AI enabled cameras to automatically count the occupancy of a venue.  Additionally, our web-application features a customer dashboard that has been designed from the ground up to deliver the most informative and interactive customer experience proven to eliminate 'balking', reduce walk-outs, and increase customer retention for bars, restaurants and nightclubs.